"When working with my clients, my hope is that they experience a dignified, loving and peaceful end-of-life."

Hello There!

I'm Delia,

and I’m passionate about my two rambunctious French Bulldogs (Gomez and Winston) and easing your fears about death and dying.

As a certified end-of-life coach, I want to empower you to have a beautiful death on your terms regardless of the phase of your journey.

Why I'm Here

My Story

I love working with my clients and their families. It is my passion to help prepare and guide individuals and their families through the end-of-life process.

For over 10 years, I owned and managed a home care agency. We provided non-medical caregivers who assisted our disabled and elderly clients to remain independent. Every chance I got, I stepped out of the office and into our clients’ homes. I loved working alongside our caregivers. That’s where I found my passion for preparing and guiding my clients through end-of-life. I have since sold my agency and am now focusing on providing end-of-life and grief coaching services.

When working with my terminal clients, my goal was to assist with a dignified, compassionate and peaceful end-of-life journey. I wanted to ease their family members of anxiety and the stress that comes with dying. Therefore, I sought out and trained through the leading death doula program in the industry, Doulagivers, and became a certified End-of-Life Doula (CEOLD).

In addition, I am a Certified Grief Coach and can walk alongside my clients and their loved ones before, during, and after death. As a Grief Coach, I understand the grief process and have learned valuable tools to help families process grief.

Whether you are preparing your Advance Directive, deciding on burial options, or you or your loved one have been diagnosed with a life-limiting disease, I can walk beside and support you throughout your entire journey.

About My Process

How it Works


Initial Consultation

Let’s chat. During this complimentary 30-minute initial phone or Zoom conversation, we’ll get to know each other. We’ll discuss your concerns and needs and determine how I can assist you. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and let’s have a conversation about your end-of-life wishes. If we determine we’re a good fit, we can discuss moving forward at your pace.


Let's Plan Together

We’ll work together on your Advance Directive, choose your healthcare proxy, and discuss the various burial options and the details that will make your end-of-life as unique as you are. Often, giving these items thought alleviates our fear around death and helps us live a life of purpose. This is a beautifully empowering process.


End-Of-Life Support

As the end-of-life journey unfolds, I provide education and holistic support. This can be in person, via text, phone, or video conference. As you or your loved one nears death and begins to transition, I’m your guide, your grief coach, and a compassionate friend who has guided many on this path and can provide a calming and reassuring presence.

You're Not Alone.
I can help you.